DXN Energy Plus Water System (User Guide Video)

Enjoy clean and safe drinking water with the DXN Energy Plus Water System.


 Learn more about the product here : 

Seminar at the UAE in October 2016

Webinar In Pakistan

Webinar On 25th August 2016

Seminar at Houston, Texas on 15 August 2016

Webinar In August

The Webinar Link can be obtained from DXN Dubai : (http://www.dxnarabia.com/contact_us.php). 

Please contact them for more details. 

All participants need to be in 
DXN office for this webinar.


For those interested in this webinar, kindly 
contact DXN Dubai for the Webinar Link : 

Wellness & DXN Business Opportunity in Canada

We are pleased to host a seminar on 16th July 2016 lead by Mr. Fatemi Ghani, an International Health and Business Coach. Details are below:
Topic     :   Wellness & DXN Business Opportunity in Canada
Date      :   Sat, July 16
Time      :  11am – 12pm
Address :   DXN - Vancouver Service Centre
                 758 Rochester Avenue
                 Coquitlam, British Columbia,
                 V3K 2V8, Canada
Contact  :  Andrea Mau
Email     :  vancouverdxn@gmail.com

Look forward to seeing you and
 your friends in the seminar.

Note: Please confirm your participation by emailing to me at

Andrea Mau
Service Centre Manager
DXN - Vancouver Service Centre

DXN Seminar at Turkey

Seminar at DXN Al Ain on 26th May 2016